We all like to be agile and fast in this changing world. Muscles are the key to all our movements in the body.

Muscles control all our movements from digestion to breathing. Some of the other functions which also use muscles are vision and maintaining temperature in the body.

How Do Different Muscles Help To Perform Tasks?

How Do Different Muscles Help To Perform Tasks?

In our body, there are around 600 muscles that work in relation to one another to make a small movement happen. Primarily there are 3 types of muscles

Smooth Muscle – These are located inside the organs and blood vessels and help in blood circulation and moving food through the digestive tract.

Skeletal Muscle – These are the muscles that can be consciously controlled. These are on the bones contracting the movement of the bones. Any action that we think and take is done by these muscles. Examples would be like jumping or writing.

Cardiac muscle – These are located inside the chest which helps the heart pump blood throughout the body. This muscle acts subconsciously.

Functions and how muscles help to perform Tasks

  • Mobility – When the muscles in our body contract and expand this leads to different kinds of movements like walking, swimming, running or even fine movements like speaking, writing and so on
  • Providing Stability – Muscles are the most important thing that provides stabilizes us to stand up, run or walk. The muscles in our joints especially in our leg joints and shoulder joints help us to stabilize our body movements. The muscles in our spine helps us to lift heavy objects without breaking the spinal cord.
  • Blood Circulation – The most important aspect of human body – the blood circulation is also carried out by the muscles in the chest. Muscles are important as they helps to maintain blood pressure or circulation if the body is dehydrated or if there is blood loss.
  • Breathing – Our respiration uses the diaphragm muscle for breathing. The diaphragm muscle is situated just below the lungs. When this muscles contracts it produces the chest cavity to get large where in the lungs push the air and then when the diaphragm relaxes the air comes out to the body.
  • Digestion – As stated above there are many muscles in out GI track and in our stomach linings which help push the food to correct places and also helps in secreting various fluids in the stomach to help with the digestion process. The muscles also helps to move food from the body as stool.
  • Childbirth – The muscles in the women in uterus helps in childbirth a lot. The pelvic muscles expand and contract and guides the baby`s head to the right place during childbirth.
  • Vision – The eye movement is also guided by muscles in the skeletal muscles. These muscles help to track moving objects, check the nearby areas, and create a stable image. If there are some injuries to skeletal muscles it can also hamper the eye sight of an individual.
  • Protection from external injuries – Muscles provide a protective shield all around our body and forms a shield around all the vital organs. So whenever a person is prone to an y accident it is the muscle that gets hit first and keeps the organ intact and helps us from sustaining any major injuries. The outer muscle covering is pretty tough to deal with rigorous blows.
  • Temperature control – Maintaining a right temperature in the body is very critical for daily activities. The majority of the heat in the body is produced by the movement of muscles which accounts to 85% of the total heat produced. When the temperature level falls below a certain point then the muscles increases their speed and activities to raise the temperature to optimum level.


In conclusion, it is to be noted that muscles are very essential in maintaining all the above-said activities and we cannot perform our daily tasks with the use of muscles. If one experiences any kind of pain or irregularity in muscles it is highly advisable to visit the doctor or a therapist directly and not take any home remedies as this could prove to be fatal and it is always best to consult a professional in sensitive matters. Regular massage therapy helps to keep the muscles flexible and smooth.

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